Linfield FC pays tribute to unsung hero Andy Kerr MBE

Posted : 19th March 2017 at 23:30:19

Andy Kerr MBE Tribute Night

Over 200 people attended the special tribute night for popular Linfield backroom staff member Andy Kerr MBE at the Jumna Street Supporters Club on Saturday night.

Current Directors, management, staff, players and supporters were joined by a host of former players to pay tribute to Andy Kerr's tremendous 50 years of service to the club. Former players in attendance included Jackie Patterson, Billy Sinclair, George Dunlop, Colin McCurdy, Davy Nixon, Eric Bowyer, Stephen Baxter, Lindsay McKeown, Lee Doherty, Peter Dornan, Alan Dornan, Paul Mooney, Roy Walsh, William Murphy, Jim Ervin, Steven Douglas, John Garrett, Marcus Kane, Terry Hayes and Lindsay Curry.

Special tributes were paid on the night from former managers Roy Coyle and David Jeffrey and former player Alan Fraser. Club Chairman Roy McGivern also thanked Andy Kerr for his lifelong dedication to the club and read a personal message of tribute from former captain Peter Rafferty.

It was a great night's entertainment in the superb Jumna Street premises and a very fitting tribute to a wonderful club servant. Special thanks to Director Stephen Dickson, Kit Manager Gary Eccles and the supporters who helped to make the evening such a great success.

The following tribute was received from legendary former Linfield captain Peter Rafferty.

If was read out by Linfield chairman Roy McGivern and published in yesterday's issue of 'Look at Linfield'.

"Andy, I'm sorry I can't be there tonight to give u a big hug and congratulate you on your 50 years of loyal service at Linfield. What an achievement, to be part of the back room staff so long and to be involved in winning something like 75 trophies over that time is phenomenal. Your input to and love of Linfield Football club is second to none. You know that sometimes people don't realise that people like yourself, Kenny McKeague, Davy Tibbs, Len Hiller, Billy Rodgers, Terry Hayes, Gary Eccles are the back bone of Linfield and without you guys, Linfield wouldn't have been or wouldn't be the Linfield they are now. I remember you first came to Linfield when I was there, (the Quiet Man). I don't think I ever heard you raise your voice but I do remember the quiet words of advice and encouragement you would give me when I'd been sent off or lost the plot. It's been a privilege and an honour to be involved with you Andy and I know I can say that on behalf of my team mates when I was there. I'm sure that all the players, staff and everyone involved since then think the same. I hope you have a great night and enjoy the tributes. You are in the eyes of all the past and present players a true Linfield Legend. Take care, cheers mate." The Raff

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