Robert Garrett in conversation

Posted : 13th November 2013 spoke to Robert Garrett at half-time in last night's game.

"It feels good to be home, although I have to say I really enjoyed my time in Canada. Football wise especially, I really enjoyed my time in Edmonton but as big Davy always says, when you leave here, you will miss this club and you don't really realise how much that is true until you actually go, so it feels very good to be home again.

Both Daryl and Albert are doing very well over there. Big Albert was named in the Team of the Year over there, so he's really flying out there at the minute but both the two of them are doing really well out there.

It was really good to get back into full time training again. I was in training every day which I love doing. There's nothing I love more than training and playing football every day, so to get a chance to do that was brilliant.

It's a great match I'm watching here tonight and the boys have done very well in the first half. Of course, its the sort of game I'd love to be involved in out there tonight.

I can't wait to get back into playing again after January 1st. It can't come quick enough, to be honest. I just have to get myself fit again after a wee break and aim to hit the ground running early in the New Year. I'm just determined to do the best I can for the club.

The team has done very well in past few weeks and its great to see us in a healthy position at the top of the league and looking forward to a Shield final next month. Hopefully, the boys can keep up this impressive form, so that we'll be able to challenge for trophies in the New Year. That's what's always expected at this club and I just want to make a contribution to hopefully making this a successful season for the club. I know what's going to be expected of me to even get a place on the bench, as there is always such heathy competition for places in the squad.

I just want to place on record my gratitude to big Davy and the board of Linfield for allowing me the opportunity to go over and experience the full time football in Canada. The club was brilliant in accommodating me in every way and I can't the club enough

This club has been more than good to me in all that I asked of the club and my aim is now to come back and repay the club for all the understanding I was shown. My focus is on doing well for the team and for myself obviously, as well.

I know when I left here I was 2 matches short of making my 200th appearance for the club, so now I'm back that's a target and a achievement I'm looking forward to reaching, hopefully early in the New Year. I was disappointed I didn't reach that milestone before I went away but hopefully, I'll achieve that landmark in the New Year, as it would be very special to have played that number of games for this club"

Footnote - Gary Eccles has confirmed that Robert Garrett will keep shirt number 20 in the squad.

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