Superstore manager discusses 2 huge home games for the Superstore

Posted : 22nd December 2018

Linfield superstore manager and marketing chairman Stephen Dickson discusses certain aspects of Superstore trade in the coming days.

“Firstly, I want to thank our supporters for the revenue they’ve brought in, in the run up to Christmas. As you would expect, business has been good and I want to thank our supporters for continuing to faithfully support the Superstore.

I also want to thank our staff for the excellent service they have provided to our customers over this busy period.

We now approach two huge home games either side of Christmas Day - today’s crucial game at home to Glenavon and then the traditional Boxing Day Big Two Derby game at home to Glentoran.

I’m expecting business to be brisk on both these busy shopping dates and that is good news for the Superstore and for Linfield.

However, I’m also hugely disappointed that at the last home game against Crusaders one or two unwelcome people or non supporters visited the Superstore and removed several items without payment.

As a result, several additional measures have had to be put in place today and on Boxing Day and going forward, to avoid a costly reoccurrence.

I would therefore appeal to our supporters for their cooperation, especially in busy periods on busy match days.

If supporters notice anything suspicious, I would appeal to them to notify a staff member immediately.

CCTV sureveilance is in place in the Superstore and is being examined for video footage of the incident at the previous home game.

Linfield will not hesitate to prosecute non supporters caught shoplifting from the Superstore and the club will issue immediate bans from Windsor Park to these non-supporters.

99.9 per cent of our supporters are genuine and loyal and I know they will be appalled by the actions of this tiny minority, cheating the club out of this vital income. I want to thank the 99.9 per cent for their ongoing support and cooperation and I want to wish them all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.”
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