Important reminders for Members and season ticket holders

Posted : 29th April 2018 at 10:23:55


The club’s AGM will take place on Friday May 4 in the Jumna St supporters club.

Feedback from many members is indicating that the leaflets regarding the upcoming AGM have reached their destinations.

However, there are 10 leaflets which have not been posted as addresses are not held on file, so if any member has not received their leaflet for this or any other reason can they please email as soon as possible.

Receipt of a leaflet is not required to gain admission to Friday’s AGM.

Membership card or evidence of membership is required to gain admission.

Members and season ticket holders

Members and season ticket holders in every category are asked not to discard their members / season ticket for the league season just finished, as the intention is for the same card to be valid again next season, once renewal payment has been received.

Members / season tickets are not valid for the upcoming Europa League play-off(s).

Members / season ticket holders who will require a new card in a different category (eg moving from adult to senior, or junior to youth etc) are urged to contact as soon as possible so that a new card can be ordered.

We have already received an encouraging number of enquiries concerning renewal of season tickets or fresh new applications and full details on when this process will begin will be announced once the prices are confirmed at the upcoming AGM.

Letters regarding season ticket renewals are no longer sent out by the club as full details will be posted on

Season ticket holders who did not renew for the league season just finished but who are intending to renew for the upcoming season, are urged to contact the club as soon as possible, as the season ticket which they did not pay for and collect will be deleted from the club records at the end of May and a new card will then need to be ordered.
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