Several cut off dates due within a week

Posted : 9th July 2018 at 08:04:58

Supporters are asked to take note of the various cut off dates due within the next week.

1 - Premier Seats

The vast majority of premier seats have been renewed. However, a number have not been renewed. There is a small waiting list of supporters who want to take out a premier seat.

The deadline for supporters to renew their premier seats is July 14 (and the office will be open on that date).

From Monday July 16 premier seats not renewed will be deemed to be not required and therefore available to those supporters on the waiting list or to existing premier seat holders who wish to move seats.

Supporters are therefore reminded of the need to renew their premier seat, if it is their intention to do so.

Supporters not intending to renew are encouraged to advise the club of this intention, so that those seats can be made available as soon as possible.

Thank you to those supporters who have renewed their premier seat.

2 - First batch of New season tickets

The deadline for the first batch of orders of new season tickets is July 14.

This includes replacement cards for supporters who’ve moved from one category to another (eg adult to senior)

To date, an order of over 300 cards (new and change of category) will begin to be processed by the printers on Monday July 16, so that the new / replacement cards are received and available for issue at the start of the new season.

Supporters wanting a new or change of category season ticket are encouraged to apply this week, so that their new card can be ordered and processed in time for the new season.

Any orders of new / change of category season tickets received after July 14 will not be processed until the second and final order with the printers at the end of September.

3 - Car Park provision on New Midgley Park

Supporters with mobility difficulties wanting to apply for a match day car park space at New Midgley Park are reminded of recent news items on this issue and also reminded that the deadline for applications is 4pm on Monday July 16.
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