Windsor Park Match Day Arrangements on Saturday

Posted : 14th September 2018 at 09:17:18

Members and Season Tickets are valid for Saturday’s home game against Dungannon Swifts.

However, to be valid, season tickets must have been renewed before the game.

Almost all the club members have already renewed their membership ahead of Saturday’s game and the vast majority of season ticket holders have also renewed their season tickets before the Windsor Park game against Dungannon Swifts.

In addition, there has been a very large number of new season ticket applications.

2018/19 season Premier seat passes are valid for Saturday’s game.

Non members and non season ticket holders can buy match tickets for Saturday’s game against Dungannon Swifts from the ticket office at the rear of the Railway Stand in the pre match period.

Supporters should be aware that receipts are NOT valid at the turnstiles.

To gain admission at the turnstiles, supporters will need to scan a valid members / season ticket, a temporary season ticket or a match ticket.

In the Linfield office on Saturday supporters will be able to

1 - Renew membership or season tickets, or apply for new season tickets. Please bring evidence of date of birth for (new) age related discounted season tickets. An application form is required in all cases.

2 - Collect new / replacement season tickets which were ordered before July 16. Please provide club receipts when collecting season tickets.

3 - Collect temporary season tickets (in the case of supporters who bought new season tickets on August 10 or September 1 when the queues were quite long before the last home games). Please bring receipts when collecting temporary season tickets. Supporters in possession of temporary season tickets are asked not to attempt to laminate them, as this serves only to destroy them. Temporary season tickets will be exchanged for new official club season tickets in mid October when the next and final delivery is received from the printers.

To avoid possible queues on Saturday, supporters may wish to visit the office on Friday to pay for, or collect the tickets referred to above.

The majority of Supporters renewing their members / season ticket will retain their existing card. A new card is only necessary in the event of a supporter moving from one category to another - eg Adult to senior etc.

Linfield FC has appreciated the loyalty of our supporters through this renewal process and the club will continue to rely on the Cooperation, patience and understanding of our supporters until this complex process has been brought to a conclusion.

If renewing or collecting season tickets on Saturday, please arrive in good time to avoid the frustration of possible large queues.

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