Tennents bar at upcoming Windsor Park game against Glentoran

Posted : 20th December 2018 at 07:59:53

For the Boxing Day game with Glentoran, only a set number of supporters will be able to make use of the Tennents bar and Linfield FC must ensure that this number is not exceeded.

To gain admission to the Tennents bar on Boxing Day, supporters will have to be in possession of a bar ticket which is being issued free of charge.

These bar tickets are not match tickets and supporters not in possession of a bar ticket will not be able to gain admission to the Tennents bar on Boxing Day.

To ensure that supporters who regularly make use of the facilities in the Tennents bar can do so on Boxing Day, Linfield FC began issuing the bar tickets to supporters in attendance in the Tennents bar at the recent home game with Crusaders.

These bar tickets are issued one per person and will continue to be issued at the upcoming Glenavon game, subject to availability.
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