Wonderful selfless gesture from 200 club winner

Posted : 27th December 2018 at 23:43:33

As announced earlier today, the winner of the December 200+ club draw was Andrew Rollins.

Andrew received his winning cheque from the 1980s legendary players before yesterday’s Windsor Park Big Two Derby game.

The December winning cheque was once again a bonus £1000 prize, rather than the normal £500.

However, Andrew decided that he wasn’t going to be the only one to benefit from his good fortune.

When notified of his win on Sunday, Andrew immediately decided that he only wanted to receive a £500 cheque, with the remaining £500 to be donated to the club’s official charity - the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.

Andrew showed the true spirit of Christmas with this incredible gesture - after all, Christmas is a time of giving - as well as receiving.

Linfield FC salutes the incredible, inspirational, kind hearted generosity of Andrew Rollins with his selfless consideration for others.

Over the coming weeks, Andrew will present the £500 donation to representatives of the Children’s Hospice at a forthcoming Windsor Park game.

At yesterday’s game, a bucket collection was undertaken on behalf of the Children’s Hospice and in due course, the Hospice will advise this club of the amount that was raised in support of our official partner charity.

Linfield F.C. would acknowledge with admiration and appreciation the assistance given with regard to this collection by Iain Orr and family.

These gestures by Andrew and Iain show the caring nature of our supporters and on behalf of both Linfield FC and the children’s Hospice, a huge thank you is extended to all the Linfield and Glentoran supporters who supported yesterday’s fundraising efforts in support of a most deserving and truly wonderful charity with whom Linfield FC has been most proud to be closely associated with for several years.

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