To our absent friends - sadly taken from us in 2018

Posted : 31st December 2018 at 08:30:14

As we approach the end of 2018 remembers fondly and with affection, those members of the Linfield family (supporters and former players) who were sadly taken from us during another difficult year.

Undoubtedly, the loss of the following members of the Linfield family will continue to be most acutely felt by members of their family circle and the recent Christmas period will have certainly been a particularly sad time for the families concerned, on account of the absence of their greatly missed loved ones.

Linfield FC 2018 Roll of honour.

Jan. 16 - Francis Parkes - father of former player
Jan. 30 - Tommy Wright - supporter from Belfast
Feb. 3 - Alan Blayney - father of former player
Feb. 8 - George Ervine - life member from Dromore
Feb. 9 - Hugh Hood - supporter from Ballysillan
Feb. 10 - John Calvert - supporter from Woodstock
Feb. 12 - John Kane - supporter from Leeds
Mar. 3 - Martin Montgomery - supporter from Dundonald
Mar. 7 - Jean Cowan - supporter from the Village
Mar. 9 - Martin Wright - father of Academy player
Mar. 12 - Ray Gough - Seven Trophy Legend
Mar. 21 - Robert Logue - supporter from Tigers bay
May 3 - Alan Shortt - South Belfast LSC
May 4 - John Baxter - supporter from Bangor
May 9 - Robert Bresland Sr - supporter
May 16 - Esther Burrell - widow of former scout
May 22 - Thomas Brown - senior member from Bangor
June 5 - Robbie Fleming - Lisburn supporter
Aug. 3 - Mervyn Law - former 1960s player
Aug. 3 - George Patterson - Supporter from Dundonald
Aug. 13 - Blaine Andrews - supporter from Dundonald
Aug. 22 - Joe Murphy - supporter from Woodvale
Oct. 7 - Evan Corbett - supporter from Belfast
Oct. 7 - Mrs McCutcheon - Raven LSC
Oct. 9 - Ernie Nutt - club member
Oct. 10 - Billy Lonsdale - Roden LSC
Oct. 14 - Violet Williamson - mother of coach
Oct. 17 - Betty Gill - Lisburn LSC
Oct. 21 - Bill Corrigan jr - 1st Newtownabbey LSC
Nov. 23 - Mrs McCann - mother of coach
Dec. 4 - Leslie Neill - life member
Dec. 14 - Noel Garrett - former senior member

The above list includes only those who had a direct link as supporter, staff member or former player and would have been even longer, had it included relatives of supporters and club personnel. Their loss (and the loss of any others who the club are unaware of) is also acknowledged.

Unfortunately, it was all too often in the past year when the club reported the sad news of the passing of someone with a connection to the club and unsurprisingly, these reports continue to be among the most extensively and widely read on this website.

What has been most touching and heart-warming has been the sincere appreciation of the grieving relatives to the acknowledgement of the passing of their loved one on official Linfield media by the club they supported faithfully or served with pride.

As we prepare to bid farewell to a tough and sad year that has brought great loss to this club, Linfield FC salutes our absent friends and asks that our supporters continue to remember their memory and legacy and of course, remember in thought and prayer the grieving loved ones of those who've sadly been taken from us.

Gone but never to be forgotten.

Audaces Fortuna Juvat

Footnote - If you are aware of the sad passing of any other supporter who we have not been made aware of but who you would like included in the above roll of honour listing, details can be forwarded to so that the list can be updated, if need be.
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