New stadium entrance / exit arrangements from Monday

Posted : 16th January 2019 at 23:21:36

The following information is provided to supporters or visitors in relation to new entrance / exit arrangements that Linfield FC has been advised of at Windsor Park with effect from Monday 21 January.

From then, vehicular traffic in and out will be via Windsor Way at the Boucher rd / Kop Stand / Olympia end of Windsor Park.

This is particularly relevant for supporters calling by car at our Superstore or office next week to buy match tickets for several huge upcoming games.


With effect from Monday, 21st January 2019 new Windsor Park entrance and exit arrangements will be introduced.

From this date, the main route into and out of the stadium will be via the Boucher Road and Windsor Way, with the entrance gates being situated at the South / Kop corner (facing Linfield’s New Midgley Park Car Park). Access to the parking spaces in the Railway Stand Car Park and the compound will be via the rear of the South Stand.

Entrance Gate Procedures

As you approach the gates by vehicle, you will see two boom barriers which will be coloured red when in the down position. The barrier to the left is for entrancing only and the one to the right for exiting only.

On arriving approximately 2 metres in front of the barrier, you should wait in front of the barrier until security either verifies your identity by use of camera or by speaking to you using the intercom which is positioned beside the gate.

Provided there is available parking space, Security staff will raise / open the barrier and when it reaches the vertical position and the colour turns to green, you should proceed.

If the barrier has not been raised within a minute or so you can alert security by leaving your vehicle and pressing the button on the intercom.


The system is designed to permit only one vehicle to enter or leave when the barrier is in the up position. Any attempt to enter 2 or more vehicles when the barrier is in the up position will lead to a malfunction of the system and could lead to delays. The CCTV system will identify anyone attempting this and may result in them being refused vehicular access to the stadium.

Pedestrian Entrances

The existing pedestrian entrance at the steps in front of the Railway Stand will remain operational during office hours.

An additional pedestrian gate controlled by intercom will be installed shortly at the South / Kop gate to the left of the vehicle entrance.

Parking behind the South Stand

As a two-way traffic system will be operating along the rear of the South Stand, parking will only be permitted in the specified and appropriately marked spaces.

Speed Restrictions

The current stadium speed restriction of 10 MPH will remain in force and continue to be monitored on CCTV.
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