A look beyond the league split

Posted : 24th February 2019 at 16:53:35

Linfield have 4 league games to play before the league split - away to Newry on Tuesday, away to Glenavon on March 8, home to Institute on March 16 and away to Dungannon on March 22.

At that point the league will split into the top 6 and the bottom 6.

Based on current league standings what can be confirmed is as follows.

Linfield will take part in the first post split game (1st v 2nd) on the weekend of 5 or 6 April.

This game would either be away to Ballymena or home to Crusaders.

As well as post split games away to Ballymena and home to Crusaders, Linfield are also assured of a home game with Glenavon and an away game with Coleraine.

Linfield’s other post split game is likely to be home to Cliftonville although it is still mathematically possible for Institute to reach the top 6, in which case Linfield would be away to Institute instead.

All will be confirmed in the coming weeks.
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