Presentation of official NIFL Premiership Winners medals at Crowne Plaza Hotel

Posted : 13th May 2019 at 15:37:31

15 of the players who were eligible for NIFL Premiership Winners medals were in attendance to receive their official League Champions medal at the Gala awards event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belfast.

The other players who were ellligible but unable to be in attendance will receive their official medal at a later date.

The 15 players were called up to the stage to receive their medals from Roy McGivern in ascending order, according to the number of league appearances they made during the course of a league champion season.

First to receive their medal was hugely popular Mark Stafford who recently signed a contract extension with the club. - 9 appearances (including 3 as sub)

Gareth Deane - 11 appearances

Stephen Fallon - 17 appearances (including 4 as sub)

Andrew Mitchell - 23 appearances (including 4 as sub)

Matthew Clarke - 24 appearances (including 6 as sub)

Roy Carroll - 25 appearances

Daniel Kearns - 27 appearances (including 6 as sub)

Jordan Stewart - 30 appearances (including 11 as sub)

Chris Casement - 31 appearances

Josh Robinson - 32 appearances (including 1 as sub)

Jamie Mulgrew - 32 appearances (including 2 as sub)

Andrew Waterworth - 34 appearances (including 6 as sub)

Kirk Millar - 35 appearances (including 7 as sub)

Niall Quinn - 36 appearances (including 7 as sub)

Jimmy Callacher - 36 appearances

Other players (unavoidably absent) included

Joel Cooper - 33 appearances (including 3 as sub)
Michael O’Connor - 29 appearances (including 17 as sub)
Marek Cervenka - 10 appearances (including 5 as sub)
Robert Garrett - 10 appearances (including 4 as sub)
Kyle McClean - 8 appearances (including 1 as sub)
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