1st Londonderry Bluestar LSC show their support

Posted : 10th July 2018 at 07:43:38

Linfield Ladies won their Irish Cup quarter final at the Brandywell last night.

En route to the game, Linfield Ladies coach Alan Perry and his daughter and Linfield keeper Lauren Perry met up with Stan McCobb, chairman of 1st Londonderry Bluestar LSC and other representatives of the club John Kincaid and John Steele.

The trio will all be familiar, faithful and regular faces at Windsor Park and further afield in support of this club.

In the photo below, the 1st Londonderry Bluestar LSC are pictured making a very generous and greatly appreciated donation / sponsorship towards the cost of travel for the Linfield Ladies team getting to the Brandywell last night.

This practical and thoughtful support from one of our leading and most loyal supporters clubs has been greatly appreciated by everyone at Linfield Ladies FC who made their second trip to the North West in a matter of days for last night’s Irish Cup quarter final tie at the Brandywell.

Members of the 1st Londonderry Bluestar LSC must be among the most travelled supporters in their support of Linfield and so their tremendous and practical backing for the Linfield team travelling to the Brandywell last night will be acknowledged and saluted across the entire Linfield supporter network.

Other supporters clubs or businesses wanting to show similar support for Linfield Ladies FC are encouraged to contact ladies@linfieldfc.com

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