A proud day in the relatively young history of Linfield Ladies FC

Posted : 10th August 2018 at 08:58:29

Friday August 10 and it’s a huge back to back double header for Linfield FC.

While the men’s first team return to home league action against Institute this evening, the Ladies first team face the world famous Ajax Amsterdam at Seaview in a 2pm kick off in the UEFA Champions League Group 1 qualifying tournament.

Fourth seeds Linfield will be huge underdogs against the classy top seeds Ajax who have 6 of the European champions Dutch national team in their ranks.

It’s the biggest game in the history of Linfield Ladies and one that everyone at the club has been eagerly looking forward to since the draw was made in Geneva on June 22.

It’s one of the biggest Names in world football that Linfield Football Club has ever been pitted against. Our only previous encounter against Dutch opposition was the 1975 European cup game against PSV Eindhoven although we have played European games in Haarlem against Dundalk and Nantes in 1979 and 1980.

Since Monday the four teams in the group have been in the tournament hotel preparing in professional manner for these hugely prestigious UEFA Champions League games and the Linfield players, staff and officials have been tremendous ambassadors for this club on and off the pitch, throughout the week.

Tournament director Ray Alexander has done a tremendous job looking after all the teams and the visiting UEFA delegate from Estonia and the refereeing delegation from Slovakia, Finland, Poland, Austria and Italy.

It will be a proud day for everyone at Linfield FC when Linfield Ladies takes to the field to play against an Ajax Amsterdam team for the first time in a competitive fixture at any level.

It’s an absolute honour for Linfield to play against such a world famous name and today promises to be a great opportunity and experience for our players and one that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Ajax Amsterdam will be one of the biggest club names ever to visit Belfast and Northern Ireland and it’s been an honour for Linfield FC to play host to such a distinguished name.

Today promises to be an immensely difficult and formidable challenge for our proud Danske Bank / NIFL Premier League Champions team and the backing and encouragement of our supporters will be needed and appreciated.

Admission is only £2 or £1 to see the classy Dutch stars as well as our own hugely talented and committed players.

It promises to be a huge day for Linfield FC and one that a lot of hard work has gone into in preparation for since the draw paired us together back in June.

14 years ago Linfield Ladies FC were formed - we spent our formative years in the lower league and made our first trophy breakthrough with the County Antrim FA Cup five years ago. League Cups and Irish Cups quickly followed and for two years in succession we’ve been honoured to be League champions. Today we don’t just play in the UEFA Champions League - we play one of the true giants of world football in the UEFA Champions League. It’s the stuff dreams really are made of.

To all the players, staff, and coaches who’ve brought us from nowhere to today’s massive game against true giants of world football, a huge thank you.

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