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March 2018
Fri 30th Windsor Superstore Easter closures
Tue 27th Later opening of Superstore on Wednesday
Wed 21st Superstore price reductions in Training wear ahead of Easter
Tue 20th Superstore closures ahead
Fri 9th Windsor Superstore bargains
February 2018
Tue 27th Windsor Superstore closed on Wednesday
Fri 23rd Later opening of Windsor Superstore today
Tue 13th Reminder of late opening of Windsor Superstore tonight
January 2018
Sat 27th Windsor Superstore closures in week ahead
Wed 24th Early Superstore closure on Friday
Wed 10th Superstore and office closures on Thursday
December 2017
Fri 29th Tickets on sale in Windsor Superstore on Saturday morning
Wed 27th Windsor Superstore open on Thursday and Friday
Mon 18th Superstore opening hours on Tuesday
Wed 6th Home shirts and shorts back in stock in Windsor Superstore
Wed 6th Windsor Superstore closures next week
November 2017
Wed 29th Extended Superstore opening hours on Thursday
Sat 25th Windsor Superstore Saturday opening
Thu 23rd Windsor Superstore Black Friday Bargain Sale
Thu 23rd New merchandise in Windsor Superstore
Thu 23rd 'Extra Time' supplement booklet on sale now in Windsor Superstore
Fri 17th 2018 Calendars on sale now
Fri 3rd Early Superstore closure tomorrow
October 2017
Tue 24th Early Superstore closure today
Sat 21st New merchandise on sale in Windsor Superstore
Fri 20th Windsor Superstore over coming days
Tue 10th Superstore closed on Wednesday
September 2017
Mon 18th Windsor Superstore reduced hours over coming weeks
Wed 6th The end of the Shankill Superstore
August 2017
Wed 30th Shankill Superstore Summer Saturday Sale
Thu 24th Shankill Superstore Summer Saturday Sale
Sat 19th Shankill Superstore Summer Saturday Sale
Wed 16th Shankill Superstore Saturday Sale
Wed 2nd Later opening for Windsor Superstore on Thursday
Tue 1st Further reductions in prices of last year's training range
July 2017
Thu 27th Shankill Superstore Sale on Saturday
Fri 21st Shankill Superstore Saturday opening
Sat 15th Superstore opening hours
Sun 9th Superstore update
Fri 7th Superstore Sale on Shankill on Saturday
Wed 5th Saturday Sale at the Shankill Superstore
June 2017
Wed 21st New Linfield 2017/18 Umbro training and leisure wear on sale now
Tue 20th This week's Windsor Superstore opening hours
Fri 16th Superstore opening hours on Saturday
Thu 15th Fathers Day Windsor Park Superstore Sale
Tue 13th Superstore opening hours for the rest of this week
May 2017
Tue 16th Superstore times today
Thu 4th Cup Final flags on sale now
Thu 4th Late Windsor Park Superstore opening tonight
Wed 3rd New cup final scarves in stock
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Irish Premier League
Kick-off : 28th April at 3pm
Venue : Windsor Park
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