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February 2017
Sat 18th 1st Bangor LSC
Fri 17th Linfield Supporters' Trust 'Player of the Month' for January
Fri 17th South Belfast LSC
Fri 17th Ballymoney LSC travel to Windsor Park
Fri 17th Finaghy LSC
Thu 16th Junior Blues meeting at Windsor Park on Friday
Tue 14th 1st Lisburn Blues supporters club - Bus information
Sun 12th 1st Bangor LSC bus to Windsor Park
Fri 10th Ballymoney LSC
Fri 10th 1st Lisburn LSC
Wed 8th 1st Bangor LSC
Mon 6th Ballymoney LSC
Sun 5th Londonderry Bluestar LSC assist local fundraising appeal
Sat 4th Ballymoney LSC receive first prize in January 200 club draw
Fri 3rd Ballymoney LSC
Fri 3rd Belmont LSC
January 2017
Tue 31st 1st Lisburn LSC
Mon 30th 1st Bangor LSC
Mon 30th Kingsway LSC
Fri 27th Ballymoney LSC
Tue 24th 1st Lisburn LSC
Tue 24th Invitation from Londonderry LSC
Tue 24th 1st Bangor LSC
Sun 22nd Belmont LSC Player of the Year Awards
Sat 21st Ballymoney LSC
Thu 19th South Belfast LSC event
Wed 18th Supporters clubs' charity event
Mon 16th 1st Bangor LSC bus to Windsor Park
Mon 16th 1st Lisburn LSC bus to Windsor Park
Sun 15th Sad news - Ivan Quinn
Fri 13th Ballymoney LSC
Wed 11th Supporters Trust presentations
Tue 10th 1st Bangor LSC
Tue 10th 1st Lisburn LSC
Sun 8th Finaghy LSC - In sympathy
Sat 7th Finaghy LSC
Sat 7th 1st Lisburn LSC sympathy
Sat 7th Ballymoney LSC
Fri 6th Scottish Visitors to cheer on Blues at the Oval
Thu 5th Thank you from York Star LSC
Wed 4th 1st Bangor LSC
Wed 4th 1st Lisburn LSC
Tue 3rd 1st Lisburn LSC bus to Windsor Park
Mon 2nd Ballymoney LSC travel to Windsor Park
December 2016
Fri 30th South Belfast LSC
Fri 30th Ballymoney LSC
Fri 30th Finaghy LSC
Wed 28th 1st Bangor LSC
Wed 28th 1st Lisburn LSC
Tue 27th York Star LSC Invitation for New Years Eve
Next Match
Irish Premier League
Kick-off : 25th February at 3pm
Venue : The Oval
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Irish Premier League
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