Updating club records before the printing of members / season tickets for the season ahead

Posted : 16th May 2017 at 08:12:52

Thank you to those supporters who contacted the club in response to our news item dated May 4 to advise that their members / season ticket was printed in the wrong category last season and needs amendment, before the club proceeds to print en masse all existing cards for the new season ahead.

Should there be any other supporters who have still to advise us, can they please do so as soon as possible, so that we can get our records as accurate as possible, before printing all the cards for the new season.

Similarly, a year older, some supporters will be moving category from junior to youth, youth to young adult, young adult to adult and adult to senior etc and could those supporters please let us know of this change, so that we can adjust the records and thereby ensure that the cards are printed in the right category for the new season ahead.

Should any member / season ticket holder in any category be intending not to renew their ticket for the season ahead, can they also let us know so that we can remove their details from the records and thereby ensure that a ticket is not produced in their name.

Can any of the above required adjustments to members / season tickets for the season ahead please be submitted to siteeditor@linfieldfc.com so that the club records can be updated, the correct tickets printed and hopefully, a lot of the teething problems that were experienced with a new system last year, can be avoided in the new season.

At the AGM the proposal to keep members / season ticket prices at the same level as last year was passed, although there will be no discount for early renewal in the new season.

Further details on when supporters can begin to renew their members / season ticket will be forthcoming in the near future.
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