New, Renewal or Change of Category Season Ticket Applications

Posted : 22nd May 2018 at 19:50:29

Linfield supporters are asked to familiarise themselves with arrangements for members / season tickets for the 2018/19 season.

1 - Prices remain unaltered from last season.

2 - An application form must be completed in ALL cases (including renewals) to ensure the club complies with newly introduced data regulations. The form can be downloaded from this website or is available in the club office.

3 - The forms must be signed by the applicant adult supporter him / her self rather than someone acting on their behalf. This is due to the declaration on the form which relates to newly introduced data regulations.

4 - In the majority of renewal instances (i.e. Non changes of category supporters) the members / season ticket that was operational last season will remain valid in the season ahead, once payment has been received.

Although there is only one actual application form, supporters should indicate at the top of the form whether their application falls into one of three distinct type of applications.


You can download a new or renewal 2018/2019 Season Ticket Application Form here (PDF 397Kb) which MUST be completed in full in all cases.


New applications from supporters who weren't season ticket holders in 2017/18 are most welcome.

The application and appropriate fee are required and in the case of supporters applying for age related discounted season tickets, evidence of date of birth is also required.

A Ticket master ticket will be issued as receipt and will operate as a season ticket until it can be replaced by the actual card itself.

There will be two batches of cards ordered from the printer and supporters wanting to have their card in time for the first home game of the season (possibly August 4) are encouraged to apply early and no later than July 14.

Supporters who did not renew last season are technically new applicants but the club still holds their uncollected / unpaid for season tickets from last season. These can still be issued and remain valid, IF payment were to be received. Supporters in this situation could draw this to the attention of staff to simplify their card collection arrangements. All uncollected cards from last season will be deleted from the club database in the coming weeks, to ensure the data base remains as up to date as possible.


Application forms and payment are required in ALL cases.

Application forms are even required from Life Members.

Renewals means supporters who were members / season ticket holders in season 2017/18 and who are renewing in the same category next season and who therefore do not require a new card to be issued for next season.

In these cases, the card that was operational last season will remain valid in the season ahead, once appropriate payment has been received.

Any renewal member / season ticket holder who has changed address is advised to highlight this and draw the new address to the club's attention on the application form as otherwise, this would not be picked up as part of the renewal process.


Application forms and payment is required in ALL cases.

A year older, Supporters can change from juniors to youth, youth to young adult, young adult to adult and adult to senior, or adult member to senior member.

To date and in response to several appeals on this website, around 50 supporters have drawn their upcoming change of category to the club's attention, as they will require a new card to be issued in the new or amended category for the season ahead.

These changes have already been inputted into the club's data base, so that a new card will be ordered in the correct new category in the season ahead.

It also means that the card that was operational last season in the old category will no longer be operational and will be deleted in the club's data base.

Supporters who will require a new card in a different category and who have not already drawn this matter to the club's attention are encouraged to indicate their need for a new card by highlighting the CHANGE of CATEGORY option at the top of the application or by emailing

As previously stated with regard to new applications, there will be two orders of cards from the printers and supporters are encouraged to indicate their need for a new card in a different category ideally no later than July 14, so that the card can be ordered in the first batch and delivery received in time for the first possible home game on August 4.
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