Members / Season Ticket And Premier Seat renewals start to gather pace

Posted : 7th June 2018 at 23:40:13

Appreciation is extended to the large number of supporters who've already renewed their membership or season ticket for the upcoming season.

Renewals and new applications are welcome at the Linfield office in the Railway Stand at Windsor Park, weekdays from 10am until 4pm, excluding lunch break of 1pm until 1.30pm. Other times will be arranged from time to time.

The key points are as follows,

1 - Application forms are required in ALL cases, to comply with new data guidelines.

2 - In the majority of cases, the members / season ticket that was issued for last season will remain operational for the season ahead. The exceptions are supporters who will require a new card in a different category in the season ahead. A large number of these supporters have made their need for a new card known to the club and these card orders have already been inputted into the club's database.

3 - Card orders will be be processed on two separate occasions by Ticketmaster. The first cut off date is July 14 and supporters needing a new or replacement card are strongly encouraged to place their order with the club by this date. This will ensure the cards are delivered for collection in advance of the first home league game on August 4 or 11. The second and final date when card orders will be processed by Ticketmaster is at the end of September and again supporters who need new or replacement cards, are encouraged to order their card by this date as after then, cards will not be ordered from the printer until the start of the next season.

4 - A large number of unpaid for / uncollected cards will be deleted from the club's database in the coming weeks. The bulk of these cards are in the junior category but there are cards in every category. Should any supporter who did not renew last season intend applying for a season ticket in the season ahead, can they please make this known as soon as possible, as the uncollected / unpaid for card could still be issued and operational rather than be deleted from the club's data base. Other cards to be deleted will include the cards being replaced for supporters who've requested a new card in a different category.

5 - Supporters applying for a new season ticket in an age related discounted category are reminded that evidence of date of birth is required, prior to the release of the season ticket.

6 - Supporters who've changed address in the recent past are asked to draw this to the club's attention when renewing season tickets.

Premier seats

Appreciation is extended to the large number of premier seat holders who’ve already renewed their premier seat for the upcoming season.

Supporters can renew premier seat passes in the Linfield office until July 14.

Premier seats which have not been renewed by this date will be deemed to be not required and will therefore be available for reallocation to other supporters after this date.

Any supporter who is not intending to renew a premier seat is asked to make this known to the club so that the seat can be made available to supporters on a waiting list as soon as possible.

Premier seat and season ticket prices remain unaltered from last season.

The co-operation of our supporters during this renewal process will be greatly appreciated at the club.
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