Important information for supporters still to renew / apply for season tickets

Posted : 3rd September 2018 at 08:15:37

The rate of Members / season ticket renewals and new season ticket applications has been very high to date.

Nearly all our club members and senior members have renewed their club membership.

The small number who have still to do so, are reminded that in accordance with the club rules, membership must be renewed by the end of September, or it will be forfeited.

Supporters wishing to apply for a new / replacement Season ticket are also advised of a similar end of September deadline.

The final order of new / replacement season ticket cards in all categories will be placed with the printer at the end of September.

The club will expect to be in receipt of the new printed cards in mid October.

This order will include all season ticket applications received since July 16.

After this order which will be sent to the printers at the end of September, there will be no more orders with the printer until next summer.

Supporters who have ordered new season tickets and who continue to order new season tickets are issued with a temporary season ticket by the club which they can use at the turnstile until such time as the new card is received in mid October.

Receipts are no longer valid at the turnstiles because supporters should scan a valid season ticket or a valid temporary season ticket or a match ticket.

A number of temporary season tickets remain available for collection from the Linfield office in the Railway Stand. These temporary season tickets could not have been printed on busy match days due to the length of queues but are now printed and available for collection.

A number of season ticket cards which were ordered before July 16 remain available for collection from the Linfield office in the Railway Stand.

Please bring receipts when collecting temporary season tickets or plastic season ticket cards.

Please do not laminate the temporary season tickets, as this completely destroys the ticket.

A number of Supporters collecting temporary or real Junior season tickets will need to provide evidence of date of birth when / before collecting their season tickets.

A very tiny number of supporters who opted to pay in June / July / August instalments are reminded that their final August payment is now overdue.

Cancellation of cards

To maintain an accurate, up-to-date data base of members / season ticket holders, the club has started and will continue to centrally delete a significant number of cards from the data base.

The cancellation of cards has begun with lost, change of category cards and cards which were not renewed last year.

This will quickly move on to season tickets which have not been renewed by the end of August deadline.

Season tickets which have not been renewed by the end of August are not valid in September. It is therefore vital that season ticket holders who have not yet renewed (but who intend to), do so before the day of the next home game on September 15 because by that date cards which have not been renewed and which are therefore no longer valid, will have been removed from the central data base and will therefore be no longer operational at the turnstiles.

Supporters who may be on holiday and unable to call at the office to renew their season ticket are encouraged to advise the club of their intention, to ensure their season ticket is not deleted from the central data base.

Any club members cards which have not been renewed by the end of September will be removed from the data base at the beginning of October.

A number of cards which remain operational as the supporter has changed category eg Junior to Youth or Adult to Senior will remain valid until the new replacement card has been received and issued in mid October. At that point, the then out of date card will be cancelled from the data base.

The patience and cooperation of our supporters through this complex process has been greatly appreciated.

The advice from the club is clear. As the club has begun a process to remove cards which are no longer valid from the central data base, it is therefore vital that supporters intending to renew their season tickets in the coming days / weeks do so, or at least advise the club of that intent as soon as possible, to ensure that the card is not unnecessarily deleted from the data base.

This club does not want to lose any season ticket holders, so please join the very large number of season ticket holders who have already shown their dedication, faith, loyalty and optimism for the season, by renewing their season ticket.

Any enquiries can be directed to or
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