Reminder that Linfield season tickets are Non-transferable

Posted : 11th September 2018 at 22:55:11

Linfield members and season ticket holders are advised that their members and season tickets are non transferable.

At the most recent league game at Windsor Park a number of Junior season tickets were withdrawn from adults who were aiming to gain access at the turnstiles by using Junior season tickets.

These stringent checks of tickets at the turnstiles will continue at all home games and any individual caught using a Linfield season ticket in this fraudulent manner will have the season ticket immediately taken from them and the card will be subsequently cancelled without refund.

The overwhelming majority of our members and season ticket holders would not wish to see our Junior season tickets being abused in this totally dishonest manner and the club will appreciate the understanding, patience and cooperation of our genuine and loyal supporters while these speedy and efficient ticket checks take place, prior to entry at the turnstiles before our home matches.
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