Last opportunity to renew season tickets is Thursday this week

Posted : 9th October 2018 at 12:01:09

The vast majority of season tickets have been renewed for season 2018/19.

Supporters should be aware that 2 deadlines have now passed.

1 - Membership renewals - only a handful were not renewed.

2 - New season ticket orders - close on 500 new / replacement tickets have been ordered with the printers and we hope to receive the cards in mid October.

There will be no new orders placed with the printers until next summer.

Cancellation of non renewed cards

To maintain an accurate and up to date data base of members and season ticket holders, the club is approaching the end of a major operation to cancel out of date cards.

To date, a significant number of lost, deceased, duplicated, changed category and cards not renewed last season have been removed from the data base.

By Thursday October 11, the club will have removed all season tickets not renewed this season from the data base.

This means that for supporters in the following season ticket categories,

Young adult

Season tickets can still be renewed over the coming days.

An application form is required, along with payment in the Linfield office.

This is one last opportunity for supporters to renew season tickets before the cards are cancelled and non operational at the turnstiles at the next home league game on October 13.

In particular, there is a significant number of Junior season tickets due to be cancelled on October 11, as they have not been renewed.

This club does not want to have to cancel any season tickets, particularly junior season tickets and would therefore make this final appeal for any season ticket holders who still want to renew their season ticket to do so without any further delay - and before it is too late (and with no further orders due to be placed with the printers until next summer).

Supporters are therefore encouraged to take advantage of this last opportunity to renew their season tickets in the categories referred to above.

Once payment and application form have been received, the card which was operational last season will be reactivated for the current season.

Collection of season tickets

All season tickets are to be collected - and on production of receipt.

The following can be collected from the Linfield office now

1 - Cards ordered before July 16

2 - Temporary season tickets for cards ordered since July 16

New / replacement season tickets ordered since July 16 will be available for collection from mid October and precise details will be provided on once the cards have been received from the printers.

The cooperation of supporters with regard to drawing this operation to a conclusion will be greatly appreciated.

The loyalty of all supporters who have renewed season tickets or taken out a first time season ticket has been greatly appreciated.
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