Members / Season Ticket renewals / new applications

Posted : 23rd May 2019 at 08:37:59

The first opportunities for membership / season ticket renewals / new applications will be on Friday May 24 between 11am and 3pm and on Saturday May 25 between 10am and 1pm.

Please keep up to date with for days / times in the weeks ahead, as renewals and new applications will only be taking place at designated and advertised times.

Renewals / new applications will take place in the Linfield office in the Railway Stand.

For all New applications, an application form is required and in the case of age related discounted applications, evidence of date of birth is also required.

For renewals, an application form is not required because the club will continue to rely on the information provided on last season’s application form.

This means it will be possible to renew by card payment over the phone but receipts will not be posted.

Should your address have changed from last year’s application, then a new application form should be completed.

This is expected to be the last year for the use of the cards that were issued several years ago.

Cards in issue last year will continue to be valid once renewal payment has been made.

Supporters who have moved from one category to another (eg adult to senior etc) will need a new card and should advise the club of this need for a new card.

Supporters are advised that there is a new category of season ticket for supporters aged 12-16 and supporters in this age group holding a junior season ticket will need to change to a new season ticket at the higher price. If you haven’t already done so, can you please notify as soon as possible so that a new card can be ordered for you in the first batch to be sent to the printers in mid July.


Adult member / season ticket - £160

Senior member / season ticket - £70

Young adult (18-21) - £110

Youth (16-18) - £60

Secondary school age (12-16) - £30

Junior (under 12) - £10

Further information regarding premier seat renewals will follow later today.
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