Season ticket applications and renewals

Posted : 29th September 2019 at 18:44:26

The deadline for new season ticket applications has now passed.

The second and final order for new and change of category season ticket cards will be dispatched to the printers in the next day or two and hopefully, these cards will be received ahead of the next home league game on October 19.

A number of cards from the first order (cards ordered before July 13) remain uncollected from the office and supporters are encouraged to do so in due course. Please provide receipt when collecting cards.


The vast majority of members and season tickets have been renewed.

However, there remain a tiny minority which have not been renewed.

Linfield FC can allow a few more days for season tickets to be renewed.

The current main priority of dispatching the large order of new cards to the printers will allow a little extra time for further season ticket holders to renew their season tickets.

However, in a few days time, attention will turn to the task of centrally cancelling cards which have not been renewed.

It is therefore vital that any season ticket holders who have not renewed their season ticket but intend to do so, do so in the next three days, prior to the central cancellation of their cards.

Once these cards have been centrally cancelled, they will not be operational at the turnstiles and any card which fails to gain access at the stiles, will be retained and returned to the office.

With the deadline for new season tickets having already passed, it will not be possible to apply for another replacement season ticket until the start of next season.

It is therefore vital that supporters wishing to ensure their season ticket remains valid and operational at the turnstiles for the October 19 league game and beyond, renew the season ticket within the next couple of days, or advise the club of their intent to do so within a short space of time.

Once cards are centrally cancelled, they cannot be reactivated.

Most of the minority of season tickets which have not been renewed are junior season tickets and the club is anxious to ensure that as many as possible of these young supporters, take advantage of this final extension of a few days, to renew season tickets to maintain their affiliation with the club and to minimise the number of cards which are being centrally cancelled.

After yesterday’s terrific performance by David Healy’s team, it makes perfect sense to renew season tickets and ensure that the advantages there from, are not lost by allowing the season ticket to lapse.
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