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Posted : 11th November 2019 at 07:28:51

Girls/Boys Academy collaborative approach to 11-a-side preparation at Midgley Park.

The girls and boys academies got together at Midgley Park on Sunday for a friendly match between the boys 2008 team and a combined girls 2007/06 squad, as both prepare for the transition to play 11-a-side next season.

It was the first time the majority of the players had sampled 11-a-side football; with all Coaches in agreement that it was a very worthwhile experience for everyone involved.

The match consisted of 4 x 15 minute periods; with the breaks in play allowing time for the players to receive instruction from their respective coaches.

There was great talent on display from both teams with all of the players coping admirably with the pitch size. The academies propose to hold another match in the coming weeks.

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