PLEASE DO NOT bring flares and other missiles to Linfield games

Posted : 15th December 2009 at 10:26:31

On Saturday, a couple of individuals were unfortunately removed from Windsor Park for having flares/fireworks in their possession.

Please DO NOT bring such items to Linfield games as they are a danger to other supporters and are in contravention of Health and Safety directives.

Furthermore, when such items have been thrown onto the playing arena, clubs have been fined / punished by the IFA Disciplinary Committee.

ALL supporters are asked to heed this warning as individuals who continue to bring flares / fireworks or other missiles to Linfield games will face ejection from the ground.

Supporters are reminded of advice on this site last week. It is reproduced below

At the request of the Management Committee various measures have been introduced in the Kop Stand in an attempt to improve the behaviour of a small section of supporters who congregate at the rear of the Kop Stand at certain high profile fixtures.

Supporters attending forthcoming games at Windsor Park are encouraged to co-operate fully with the stewards and authorities to ensure that Linfield games can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

As we enter the hectic holiday period, Linfield will be involved in several high profile or potentially contentious fixtures.

This club has already been hit with fines for poor supporter behaviour on 2 separate occasions this season ( and 4 occasions last year ).

This club cannot continue to pay out fines due to the idiotic behaviour of a misguided few who would claim allegiance to this club but whose behaviour does nothing but bring discredit to the proud name and reputation of this great club.

Further supporter misbehaviour will not just lead to further fines this club can ill-afford but the club could face draconian punishments such as matches being abandoned, points deductions, ground closures and even relegation if this appeal to avoid further supporter misbehaviour is not heeded.

The vast majority of Linfield supporters are superb and it is vital that they are not let down by the actions of a few.

Supporter behaviour in the Kop Stand will be closely monitored on CCTV and action will be taken against individuals whose behaviour is identified as falling short of what we would expect.

Please ensure that these forthcoming high profile games pass off incident free meaning that Linfield officials will not be called in front of the IFA Disciplinary Committee on further occasions this season.

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