Windsor Park Spectator Safety Policy

Posted : 15th September 2010 at 16:22:12

It is the policy of Linfield Football Club to ensure the reasonable safety of spectators attending specified activities at Windsor Park.

The person responsible for ensuring the reasonable safety of spectators is the Chairman, Mr. Jim Kerr. The Chairman will ensure that appropriate resources are available to ensure the reasonable safety of all spectators at specified activities.

He has appointed a Safety Officer (SO) Gary Steele to oversee safety arrangements for spectators at specified activities. The SO will carry out a Risk Assessment in relation to the safety of spectators at specified activities at the Ground and will implement controls identified in the Risk Assessment. The SO will draft Operational Plans for specified activities, ensure that the Plans are implemented and ensure that Contingency Plans for adverse situations are in place.

The SO will ensure that appropriate numbers of safety personnel are appointed, that they are properly trained, briefed and debriefed, and that suitable communication arrangements are in place. He will report to the Board on all safety related issues, including the condition of the Sports Ground, the Stadium Event Inspections required, and all other aspects of the Terms and Conditions of the Safety Certificate.

The Club has a Health and Safety committee and representatives will attend (when invited) meetings of the Safety Advisory Group as convened by the District Council.

The Club will review this Policy at least annually with the Safety Officer who will provide a report on his findings along with any recommendations to the Management Committee.

Jim Kerr (Club Chairman)

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