Kirsty McGuinness discusses Cup Final victory

Posted : 10th August 2013

Kirsty McGuinness discusses Friday night's Cup Final success.

"It's an amazing feeling for us to win the trophy tonight, especially because we beat such a great team as the Glens. To win the cup is great but to win it by a 4-0 scoreline is absolutely amazing.

I've been here 5 years and it's the first team we've managed to beat them in my time so that will do wonders for our confidence.

It's the first trophy we've won and it's just a great feeling but the aim has to be to make it the first of many.

I'm delighted with the 2 goals. We all go out to do our job and I'm just happy that I was able to do my bit for the club by providing the goals that set us on our way.

To have received the Woman of the Match award tonight is an unbelievable feeling. There's just no better feeling tonight but I thought all the girls were terrific. Everybody did their job brilliantly.

We're sad to be losing 3 of our players to America tomorrow and we're really going to miss them. They'll be back with us next season and they couldn't have had a better send off than this great result tonight.

We aren't getting carried away, as we know we have to play Glentoran in a cup semi-final and in another cup final but this result will give us real belief that we can really compete with them.

Ryan, our coach and all his staff have done a brilliant job since they came in at the start of the season, so they deserve a lot of credit for this great result. They work really hard and they have encouraged us and believed in us.

It's great that David Jeffrey and Alfie Wylie took the time to come and support us tonight. The support from them and the rest of the club really spurred up on and it's great we were able to repay that support with this unbelievable result tonight."

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