Recollections and images of Ray Gough on the 30th and 50th anniversaries of the 7 Trophy successes

Posted : 12th March 2018

Ray Gough was featured in the 1991/92 'Look at Linfield' 30th anniversary of the 1961/62 Seven Trophy Winning success series.

Here's what Michael Rudd wrote at that time.

RAY GOUGH reflects on the tremendous spirit that season both on and off the field and regards this as a very important factor in the team's success.

Considering who was the best player during this time with the Blues, Ray found it a difficult task as there was such a varied choice. In choosing Tommy Hamill he searched his memory for someone whose company was always a pleasure. Ray says that Tommy Hamill was a brilliant centre-half and in in inter-league games against Scottish and English sides he seldom allowed the opposing centre-forward a kick at the ball. Off the field, Tommy was wonderful company and the most modest of men, a sentiment echoed by John Parke.

Ray quoted two events as unforgettable in 1961/62, the first the happy occasion when the fans paid tribute to the players in the open lorry ride to Windsor Park, scenes which in his opinion will never be repeated. The second event was the traumatic leg break suffered that season which Ray didn't fully recover from for a few years

At the 50th anniversary celebrations at the Ramada hotel in 2012 here is what Roy McGivern wrote of Ray Gough at that time.

Ray Gough was a classy left half who made 136 appearances for Linfield before continuing his career in England where he still lives.

“The secret of our success was that we had a collection of very good players. The two wingers, Bobby Braithwaite and Tommy Stewart were excellent players. We had Tommy Dickson, Hubert Barr and John Parke who you could play anywhere and he would give you a performance. Of course I suffered a bad leg break at Portadown which kept me out of the game for two years. I think we had five or six exceptional players who helped us to stand out from the rest".

Above - 7 Trophy Legends in 2012 - (Left to right) - Ken Gilliland, the late Jim Reid, Isaac Andrews, the late Bobby Braithwaite, Hubert Barr, Bobby Irvine, Billy Wilson and the late Ray Gough

Above - Ferris Lunn and Eric Bowyer with Ray Gough and Bobby Braithwaite in the old South Stand board room that April 2012 day.

Above - the legendary Malcolm Brodie in the company of 7 Trophy legends.
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