Jordan Stewart programme article

Posted : 24th November 2018

Linfield winger Jordan Stewart has forced his way back into the team in recent weeks and he told ‘Look at Linfield’ that he’s delighted to be back involved. However, he feels there is more to come from him, once he gets a string of games under his belt.

“I hadn’t had much game time for a while and now that I have had the chance to play in the last few games, I want to do whatever it takes, to stay in the team. In terms of my contribution since coming back in, I have just tried to work hard and get through the games whilst helping the team. I still have a lot of room for improvement, as it’s been a while since I’ve had regular football but I know that will come, with more games under my belt.

“At times, I didn’t think I would get a chance but in my honest opinion I have worked hard in training continuedly, so I believe I’ve reaped the rewards for that, by getting myself back involved.”

Question marks around his future arose in the summer when he went on the transfer list but the boy from the Village doesn’t want to give up playing for his boyhood heroes without a fight.

“You can’t really dwell on things in football. It’s a game of opinions and when I was put on the transfer list, I wasn’t too worried, because I knew if I worked hard, things would start to change. However, I still feel the best is still to come from me and all I need is games to prove that. It’s well known I grew up around the corner from Windsor Park and my grandfather played here, so that’s definitely an extra incentive to do well at Linfield.”

Stewart’s Linfield career began with fireworks when he lit up Windsor Park with a magical Champions League goal against La Fiorita which ultimately set up an historic tie with Celtic. However, it was a season of frustration for the 23 year-old, who spent much of the season injured, but now he’s back with a point to prove.

“Fingers crossed, I can stay in the team and with the hard work I have been putting in and a bit of luck, I can show what I am really capable of, because it’s been mentally tough for me with injuries and different things, so I want to prove people wrong again. For us as a team, we had a good win at the Brandywell last week, but I still think we have much more to offer and can continue to improve but there is certainly a real desire from everyone in our changing room to win and ensure we don’t have a season like the last one.”

Things are looking up off the field of play for Jordan, too. On October 2, he and his partner Corrie welcomed their baby girl into the world. Jordan says the arrival of daughter Willow has had a great impact on his life.

“Becoming a father recently has been the best experience of my life and I have found that it really brings a balance to your life. It makes football easier because now it’s a release to get to football and any worries or concerns you had previously, now seem less important than they would have been.”

Congratulations to Jordan and his partner Corrie on the birth of their baby girl and everyone at the club will hope to see him kick on and show his ability, now that he is back in the team.
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