Monday morning memory lane image (2)

Posted : 13th July 2020 at 08:57:07

Over the past few weeks has launched a new ‘Monday morning memory lane’ feature in which we focus on two separate photos and the interesting story behind the photos.

Increasingly, over the coming weeks there will be a European theme to this feature and in the second in today’s two part series, we feature match action photos and an image of the match programme from the Champions League second round, first leg tie against Celtic on tomorrow’s date of July 14 three years ago.

Two first half goals gave the visitors a 2-0 first leg win and the team line up from a memorable Windsor Park evening was as follows.

Carroll, Casement, Haughey, Stafford, M.Clarke (J.Stewart 54’), Smyth, Mulgrew, Garrett, Lowry, Quinn and Waterworth

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Kick-off : 15th August @ 2pm
Venue : Windsor Park
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