Revealing the Top 4 in our Player of the Year poll

Posted : 13th July 2020 at 09:18:47

Several weeks ago opened the voting in our annual and hugely popular Player of the Year poll.

As always, there has been a huge response with to date over 1300 votes registered.

Closing date in the poll for this hugely prestigious Player of the Year award is July 31.

Today can narrow down the poll nominations to 4 Linfield star performers.

Although a total of 10 Linfield players have received votes, over 1000 votes have been recorded for 4 players in particular.

Therefore, to heighten interest in the remaining days of the poll, is now reducing the field in the voting to the clear front 4 contenders.

The Top 4 are very close in terms of the number of votes received so it’s gearing up to be a very tight race for the much sought after Player of the Year trophy.

The only way to vote for the player of your choice is by emailing your nomination to

Supporters who voted for one of the other 6 players to receive votes can transfer their vote to one of the 4 players remaining in the race if they can resubmit their original email vote.

So, in alphabetical order only - the Top 4 in the poll for the 2019/20 Player of the Year award are as follows.

Joel Cooper

Stephen Fallon

Kirk Millar

Jamie Mulgrew

It’s neck and neck at the top with nothing to choose between all 4 so every vote counts.

There is no doubt that all 4 would be worthy winners but there can only be one winner.

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