In solemn remembrance of Sergeant (Air Gunner) Frederick Fisher killed on this July 26 date in 1944

Posted : 26th July 2020 at 07:33:06

On this poignant anniversary date Linfield FC recalls the sacrifice of former player Sergeant (Air Gunner) Frederick Fisher who was killed in action on this July 26 date in 1944.

Fred Fisher played for his home town club of Barnsley, as well as Chesterfield and Millwall and for his service as a Linfield player, his name is etched on the club’s War memorial in the club office in the Railway Stand at Windsor Park.

Sergeant Fisher and his six air crew colleagues lost their lives on this date in 1944 on an RAF bombing mission over Burgundy in what was then German occupied France.

The 7 are buried side by side in a graveyard near Auxerre in Burgundy, France with the inscription on the grave “In memory of the 7 English airmen who paid the supreme sacrifice to liberate France”

The images below were uncovered by Linfield’s military genius Johnny Jamison and added to a VE Day tribute to Sergeant Fisher on May 8 and as many won’t have seen this fascinating material then, they are reproduced below, along with other new fascinating material discovered since then.

Below - the final resting place near where they were shot down over Burgundy in France of the 7 RAF personnel. The headstone of Sgt Fisher is the one on the extreme right.

Below - The French flag is lowered over the graves to honour and pay tribute to the sacrifice of the fallen at a dedication service in the cemetery.

Since the above photos were added to the VE Day news item on this website on May 8, Johnny Jamison has been able to uncover even more fascinating material regarding Sergeant Fisher and this has been held back until today’s poignant anniversary date, when we can publish it now in tribute to and by way of solemn remembrance of the sacrifice of Sgt Fisher and his colleagues.

Firstly, we can reveal which of the men in the picture of the 7 airmen is Sgt Fisher and his image is below, followed by the group photo of the 7 who lost their lives on active service together and who lie in eternal peace in a French cemetery.

Below - further military archive records

Below - images of Fisher in the colours of one of his clubs - Millwall.

Below - information regarding Fisher’s wartime international appearance for England against Wales.

And finally, information on the bombing raids on Stuttgart in Germany that the RAF were embarked on, at the height of their efforts to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny.

As always, sincere appreciation is extended to Johnny Jamison for his expertise and enthusiasm in providing this fascinating material so that we can honour, pay tribute to and never forget the sacrifice that was made, not just by Sgt Fisher but by many many others so that we can appreciate the freedoms we enjoy today.

On this poignant anniversary date of July 26, Linfield FC recalls with pride and fond affection the service for club and country of Sgt Fisher and his colleagues.

Their earthly remains lie in a French cemetery and May their precious souls be resting in eternal peace.

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