May 12 - Sixtieth anniversary of the winning of the 6th of the Magnificent Seven Trophies 1961-62

Posted : 12th May 2022 at 00:23:22

On this May 12 date exactly 60 years ago, Linfield won the sixth of the Magnificent Seven Trophies in that unforgettable and glorious 1961/62 season.

The current 2021/22 season marks not just the 60th anniversary of the 1961/62 Seven Trophy immortals, but also the centenary of the 1921/22 Seven Trophy immortals.

In this special anniversary season Linfield FC has celebrated the success in winning each of the historic Seven Trophies in both of the Legendary Seven Trophy winning seasons.

Three trophies were won before Christmas in 1961/62 - the Ulster and City cups in November and the Gold cup in early December.

The 4th trophy (the North-South cup) was won in February and the fifth trophy in the 1961/62 Seven Trophy Winning season was the Irish Cup which was won after a 4-0 win against Portadown on April 14.

On May 12, 1962, Linfield won the County Antrim Shield final - defeating Glentoran 5-0 at Solitude - the sixth of the 7 Trophies in that unforgettable Clean Sweep season.

On the road to the County Antrim Shield final, Linfield accounted for Bangor 3-0 (Reid, Barr and Ferguson) as well as a 3-1 semi-final win against Ballymena at Grosvenor Park (Barr 2 and Dickson).

County Antrim Shield final

May 12, 1962


Linfield 5 Glentoran 0

(Barr 3 and Dickson 2)

The team line up was

Bobby Irvine
Ken Gilliland
Jackie Graham
Isaac Andrews
Sammy Hatton
John Parke
Tommy Stewart
Billy Ferguson
Hubert Barr
Tommy Dickson
Bobby Braithwaite

Only 4 of our 1961-62 legends are still with us, almost 60 years after they achieved the Clean Sweep of the Seven Trophies for the second time in this club's proud history.

Goalkeeper Bobby Irvine resides in Shropshire, England with the 3 others - Isaac Andrews, Billy Wilson and Hubert Barr still locally based.

Today, 60 years later, Linfield FC recalls with pride our County Antrim Shield success on May 12, 1962 that kept the club on course to these truly astonishing Seven Trophy Winning achievements.

The players on the team sheet below could never have imagined that their humble success in a minor cup competition would be celebrated and honoured exactly 60 years to the day later, as one small piece in an epic tale of glorious history and folklore.

Audaces Fortuna Juvat

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