May 13 - centenary of the winning of the 6th of the Magnificent 7 Trophies - 1921-22

Posted : 13th May 2022 at 00:11:22

It was against the backdrop of historic events related to the foundation of the Northern Ireland state that Linfield embarked on the 1921-22 season - a season by the end of which, the club would have created major history on the football pitch.

On September 7, 1921 just over 100 years ago, the first of the Seven Trophies was won by what was to become a truly historic Linfield team.

In the Alhambra Cup final (the first trophy) Linfield defeated Cliftonville 1-0 at the Oval and the second trophy - the Irish League trophy - was won after home and away league games against each of the five other teams in a 10-game schedule between September and November.

The league title was wrapped up with November wins, 1-0 away to Cliftonville and in the final game, 3-2 away to Distillery.

The third of the Seven Trophies was the City Cup - the programme was identical to the League campaign with 5 home and 5 away games and the final game was a 4-1 win away to Cliftonville on January 21, 1922.

The fourth of the Seven Trophies was the County Antrim Shield which Linfield won 4-1 in a replay on March 1, following a 1-1 draw at the first time of asking.

The fifth of the Seven Trophies was the Irish Cup which Linfield won 2-1 in the final against Glenavon at the Oval on March 22.

In the sixth of the Seven Trophies, the Charity Cup, Linfield defeated Cliftonville Olympic 3-0 in the final on this May 13 date, exactly 100 years ago today.

On the way to the final Linfield accounted for Forth River (6-0) in the first round and Queens Island 3-0 in a semi-final replay, following a 1-1 draw at the first attempt.

Charity Cup final

May 13, 1922

The Oval

Linfield 3 Cliftonville Olympic 0

(McIlreavy 2 and Cowan)

The team line up was

Alfie Harland
Arthur Maultsaid
Tommy Frame
Bob Wallace
Gerry Morgan
Jack McIlveen
Tommy Cowan
Dick McCracken
Bill Savage
Sandy McIlreavy
Jackie McGrillen

In the 100 years of Linfield history book by the late Malcolm Brodie, the author wrote of this 'Charity' game

"Arthur Maultsaid was ordered off for a foul on an opponent. A note had been left in the Linfield dressing room warning that Gerry Morgan would be shot, if he played but the redoubtable Gerry paid no attention to the threat, although attempts were made to assault him as his taxi went down Dee Street."

The sixth of the Seven Trophies was won and earlier in this anniversary season, has celebrated the winning of each of the seven trophies, not just in this centenary season of the 1921-22 success, but the also the winning of each of the seven trophies in this 60th anniversary year of the historic 1961-62 season, when that legendary team matched the achievements of their illustrious predecessors from 40 years previously.

At this historic centenary anniversary period, Linfield FC celebrates and salutes the triumph of the sixth part of the first historic Seven Trophy success in 1922-22.

The players of that team and their successors of 40 years later wrote a most glorious chapter in the proud and illustrious history of this club and institution.

Linfield FC has continued to mark the anniversary season of our 1921-22 centenary triumph and our 1961-62 Seven Trophy success.

The club’s 2021-22 members and season tickets which were issued in the season just ended, all possessed the historic image of our 1921-22 immortals.

Team sheets produced for social media also included portrait images of legendary 1921-22 captain Bob Wallace, goalkeeper Alfie Harland and other heroes from that period.

100 years later, Linfield FC recalls with pride our Charity Cup success in May 1922 that kept the club firmly on course to these truly astonishing achievements.

The players on the team sheet below could never have imagined that their humble success in a minor cup competition would be celebrated 100 years later, as one small piece in an epic tale of glorious history and folklore.

Audaces Fortuna Juvat

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