The ultimate Seven Trophy Winning tribute and celebration

Posted : 13th May 2022 at 13:39:38

The 2021-22 season just ending, has marked 2 huge anniversaries for Linfield FC.

1 - Centenary of 1921-22 Seven Trophy winning season


2- Sixtieth anniversary of the 1961-62 Seven Trophy winning season.

Over the course of this season Linfield FC has marked the anniversaries of the winning of each of the Seven Trophies across both of the historic seasons and this includes today’s centenary of the winning of the Charity Cup in 1921-22 and yesterday’s 60th anniversary of the winning of the County Antrim Shield in 1961-62.

Only four of the players of the 1961-62 Seven Trophy winning team are still with us - Goalkeeper Bobby Irvine who resides in Shropshire in England and three other locally based former players - Billy Wilson, Hubert Barr and Isaac Andrews.

It is hoped that Isaac will be in attendance at tomorrow’s Gala awards event at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Shaws Bridge.

For one night only and for the first time in many years, Linfield FC will be able to pay the ultimate tribute to the Seven Trophy winning teams at the end of this their special anniversary season, by reuniting the Seven Trophies one further time.

The 7 Trophies will be very special and distinguished guests at the Gala Awards event at the Crowne Plaza hotel, Shaws Bridge on Saturday evening and this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for photos of the legendary trophies which have become part of the fabric and folk lore of this very special club and institution.

The reuniting of the 7 trophies has only been made possible thanks to the cooperation and understanding of others and the grateful appreciation of everyone at Linfield FC is extended sincerely to the following.

- The Northern Ireland Football League

- The Irish Football Association

Linfield is the current holder of the Irish Premier League trophy but to reunite it with the 6 other trophies, the cooperation of the following was needed, requested, provided, appreciated and acknowledged.

Irish Cup - appreciation is due to the IFA for the loan of the old Irish Cup. The current Irish Cup won last week by Crusaders was not needed as it was only introduced in the early 1990s.

League Cup - appreciation is due to Cliftonville FC for the loan of the former City Cup trophy.

County Antrim Shield - appreciation is due to Larne FC for loan of the Shield

And for 3 trophies which are no longer contested

North - South Cup - appreciation is due to Glenavon FC for the loan of this trophy.

Ulster Cup - appreciation is due to NIFL and Crusaders FC who made this trophy available to this club

And last, but certainly not least

Gold Cup - appreciation is due to Glentoran FC for the loan of this famous old trophy.

The one difference between the 1921-22 and 1961-62 achievements was that the Alhambra cup of 1921-22 was ‘replaced’ by the North -South Cup in the history of the 1961-62 team.

Tomorrow night promises to be a special night for those in attendance, as this club celebrates the winning of the world record breaking 56th League title in this club’s proud history and celebrates the centenary and 60th anniversaries of our historic 1921-22 and 1961-62 Seven Trophy winning achievements.

Those in attendance tomorrow night will get a unique opportunity to share in the proud history of this club, by enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the famous 7 Trophies reunited one more time in celebration of the achievements of our Immortals from 100 and 60 years ago.

Their achievements can never be repeated and their their names will live for ever more in the proud history of this club.

Audaces Fortuna Juvat

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