Birthday greetings to supporter - 100 years young today

Posted : 10th August 2022 at 16:10:31

Everyone at Linfield FC extends birthday greetings to Norman Osbourn who is 100 years young today - a lifelong Linfield supporter.

One of Normans relatives contacted the club today to make us aware of his special day and provided along with the following text, was the photo below in which Norman proudly displays the greetings card he has received today from Her Majesty the Queen to mark his centenary.

“He has great memories about who scored goals, and how many minutes into the came they scored!!!!

He attended every home game, usually walking to Windsor park, as he hated waiting on buses. He attended matches until he was well into his 90s and he continues to watch the team when he can.

If Linfield got beat I would not hear from him, if they won I would hear every detail of the game.

Born in Liverpool, he moved to Northern Ireland at the age of 2 and he grew up in Sandy Row. He worked in engineering and then started his own photography studio, on the Donegal road which he ran successfully until he retired at 80 yrs of age!!”

A very Happy 100th birthday to Norman Osbourn on this his very special day.

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