Statement from Linfield Football Club

Posted : 15th November 2022 at 10:30:26

The club’s Board of Directors met on Monday 14th November to discuss recent instances of unacceptable supporter behaviour at our games. These include use of fireworks, throwing of missiles and sectarian and offensive chanting from a small but vocal section of our supporters.

The club totally condemns all such spectator misconduct and we know that the vast majority of our supporters are equally appalled at these ongoing incidents.

The club is determined to eradicate this behaviour from our support and a range of actions will now be taken forward to address these issues.

We would urge our loyal supporters to get fully behind the club in these endeavours and to ensure that a small minority of spectators do not continue to tarnish the name of this great football club.

We would also urge those involved in this persistent misbehaviour to desist immediately as they are causing real harm to the club which they claim to support. The club will not hesitate to take robust action against those involved and we can advise supporters that the Police Service of Northern Ireland will be in attendance at tonight’s game to monitor the behaviour of both sets of supporters and to take any necessary follow up action where evidence of spectator misconduct is observed.

Now is the time to get fully behind the club and our players in the traditional Linfield manner.

Stay Blue or Stay Away

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