Statement from Linfield Football Club

Posted : 28th November 2022 at 20:58:22

Club officials attended a meeting of the IFA’s Disciplinary Committee on November 23 to respond to a Notice of Complaint for an alleged breach of the Association’s Article 33.1, relating to incidents of spectator misconduct during the club’s Premiership fixture against Glentoran at Windsor Park on October 14.

Whilst the club put forward a range of mitigations in relation to actions taken to combat spectator misconduct within the stadium, including online educational messages and increased security measures, the Committee determined that Linfield must close the Kop Stand for a period of two months with immediate effect.

The Club’s Board of Directors will do all within their power to defend the Club from disciplinary sanctions where possible but cannot and will not defend the indefensible. As such, we have accepted the punishment on this occasion.

The Committee further advised the club, in the event of further spectator misconduct, of their power to issue a range of further sanctions including a full stadium ban and a potential deduction of points.

The Committee also commended the club on their engagement with relevant parties and positive measures that have already been actioned to date. We will continue to engage with the Disciplinary Committee going forward.

The club’s Board of Directors is deeply concerned at this development and urges all of our supporters to get fully behind the club in its efforts to eradicate sectarian singing and all other forms of spectator misconduct. This behaviour is wrong on every level and is extremely damaging to the club that we all support. We again call for this to desist immediately.

The club will continue its engagement with the supporters’ group which identifies itself as ‘Blue Unity’ as an ongoing attempt to rectify these issues but would warn that more punitive measures will be introduced to ensure that this unacceptable behaviour does not continue.

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