Statement with regard to the future of “Look at Linfield”

Posted : 2nd June 2023 at 09:41:24

Linfield FC is pleased to confirm the following with regard to it's official match day programme, "Look at Linfield".

The title "Look at Linfield" has been in existence since the early 1970s and has been produced by Belfast based 'Edenderry Print' since the early 1980s.

In the modern technological era, the volume of sales of many printed publications has decreased significantly and 'Look at Linfield' has been similarly and unavoidably affected.

However, there remains a dedicated number of supporters and collectors for whom the official souvenir programme is part of the match day experience and a suitable memento of the occasion.

After recent discussions, the club can confirm that "Look at Linfield" will continue in its current 32-page format for the club's upcoming European campaign, the Boxing Day game and any other suitable high-profile fixtures.

For other domestic home fixtures, "Look at Linfield" will continue to be produced but with the following alterations which have been kindly agreed in close consultation with 'Edenderry Print'.

- The volume of printed copies will be reduced significantly.

- The size of each issue will be reduced to 16 pages.

- The sale price per 16 page issue will be reduced to £2.

While there is considerable demand for programmes for European and high-profile domestic games, it is anticipated that these proposed changes will enable the club to meet the more limited demand for programmes for other games.

Production of a fewer number of smaller sized issues will enable the club to continue the long-standing tradition of producing match day programmes for each game and in a manner which should not incur a net loss per issue.

If, as would be the desired outcome, an issue sells out, the intention would be for the issue to be published on the club website after the game, as was the case during the 'behind closed doors' covid lockdown period.

The production of fewer copies per issue will increase the likelihood of most issues selling out and becoming collectors' items but supporters who are anxious to maintain their long running collections can avoid potential disappointment, by reserving copies of each issue with the programme editor by emailing

It is not expected that there would be any (if at all) adverts in the smaller version, limited edition programmes but any business wanting to take up the option, is asked to contact the programme editor at

Instead, the option of programme sponsorship should hopefully be more appealing to businesses, individuals or supporters' clubs. In return for sponsorship of an individual edition of the match day programme, suitable and extensive coverage, acknowledgement and appreciation of the sponsorship would be provided on all of the club's official media platforms. This coverage would give maximum exposure to businesses, supporters' clubs and individuals providing much appreciated programme sponsorship.

Businesses, individuals or supporters' clubs wanting to take out programme sponsorship are asked to make this intention known via

Linfield FC would extend sincere appreciation to our long-standing, loyal and understanding partners at Edenderry Print who have worked faithfully and in close cooperation with the club over many years and who are keen to maintain the special match programme link in a cost-effective manner, both to them and to the club.

Linfield FC would also acknowledge and appreciate the disappointment expressed in correspondence received from many programme collectors in the wake of recent media reporting of the end of the production of 'Look at Linfield'.

As the club continues preparations for a new European and domestic campaign, the support of programme subscribers, purchasers, collectors and sponsors will be appreciated and needed to keep the programme viable and maintain this long-standing match day tradition in a modern era.

"Look at Linfield' will return for a European fixture on July 13 or 20 and any supporter who has suggestions regarding content, or any other aspect of the programme in the season ahead, is asked to contact the editor.

Any supporter / collector missing any issues from last season is advised that back issues are available from the programme editor.

Audaces Fortuna Juvat

Programme editor

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