Invitation to donate selection boxes for local children before Saturday’s game

Posted : 7th December 2021 at 14:36:49

Linfield supporters are asked to bring chocolate Christmas selection boxes (to be donated to local children) to a collection point behind the Railway Stand before Saturday's home game against Warrenpoint Town.

The donated chocolate selection boxes will be delivered to children in the surrounding South Belfast area in the run up to Christmas.

This initiative is being coordinated between representatives of Linfield FC, the Linfield Supporters Trust, the Greater Village Regeneration Trust (GVRT) and Unite the Union.

At this time of year when we are encouraged to think of others, supporters are encouraged to give generously in this very practical way and the deliveries of chocolate selection boxes are sure to go down a treat with the local children and no doubt, their appreciative parents as well.

Linfield supporters are well known for their kindness and generosity, so the club is confident of a good response to this appeal for chocolate selection boxes to be dropped off at the collection point at the rear of the Railway Stand in the pre match period on Saturday.

Supporting the partnership initiative, representatives of Linfield, the Supporters Trust, the GVRT and Unite the Union all appealed for wholehearted backing from the club's supporters.

Linfield general manager Pat Fenlon backed the plan "This is a great initiative that sees Linfield FC, the Supporters Trust, the GVRT and Unite the Union working together to provide lots of local children with a welcome boost in the form of a chocolate selection box from Santa just before Christmas. I would appeal to our supporters to give generously to the collection which is being arranged before Saturday's home game against Warrenpoint. The donations of chocolate selection boxes will be greatly appreciated by the local children."

Supporters Trust chairman Peter Mullan added his support for a plan that will involve some of his members collecting the selection boxes on Saturday.

"The Linfield Supporters Trust is delighted to be involved with this project that seeks to bring some joy to the local community around Windsor Park. We know that our supporters will be generous with their donations and we look forward to undertaking this very rewarding work on behalf of local children.”

A spokesperson for the GVRT expressed their appreciation for the donations which they will arrange to have delivered just before Christmas.

"Santa will be visiting streets in the Village area on December 20 and local children will receive a welcome gift thanks to Linfield, Unite the Union and the supporters who have helped us in our efforts as a local charity to build a stronger and more united community through our various projects. We wish to thank every single person who is helping us and we appreciate the donations that will be made by all the supporters on Saturday."

A spokesperson for Unite the Union added their support for the appeal.

"Unite Community has been supporting food banks across Northern Ireland over the last few years, as part of our community outreach and engagement activities.

More than 79,000 emergency food parcels were distributed to people facing crisis in Northern Ireland between April 2020 and March 2021, including 31,000 for children.

Unite directly supports working-class adults and their children through donations to food banks across Northern Ireland and we are pleased to be working in this partnership with Linfield FC, the club’s Supporters Trust and the GVRT to help provide much needed support and cheer to children in the South Belfast area."

Show your support for Linfield FC, the Supporters Trust, the GVRT and Unite the Union and most importantly, the children of the surrounding South Belfast community, by bringing a chocolate selection box (or two) to the collection point at the rear of the South Stand before Saturday’s game.

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