Our Linfield TV YouTube Channel - some important information

Posted : 18th May 2020 at 21:37:25

Within the last couple of days it has become clear that our Linfield TV YouTube channel has, along with many others, become victim to a foreign Third Party who has gained control over it, despite us adhering to the strictest of security measures.

We do not currently know what use they are wanting with our channel but they have already posted some videos which have nothing to do with our channel content and also changed some of this content without our permission and we would like to highlight the situation to our supporters.

We are currently in contact with YouTube to restore the channel to its former status as soon as possible but again do not know when YouTube will complete this action.

We are still hopeful of bringing you our proposed "As Live" event of the 2005 Setanta Cup Final at the end of the week but right now we are unsure if we will actually be able to show this or not.

If not, then we will endeavour to bring this to you at the next available opportunity after control is restored to us.

Please be aware that since we currently have no control on postings, that absolutely anything may appear on the channel without our permission.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this malicious and unscrupulous event but hope to have things back to normal, sooner rather than later.
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