Match sponsor at Saturday’s Windsor Park game

Posted : 23rd January 2020 at 20:25:25

Match sponsor

Our match sponsor on Saturday is one of our Vice Presidents - Jacky Stewart and his wife Irene who is a Linfield life member and both are members of the Linfield Supporters Trust (LST). Jacky and Irene would like to give supporters a brief insight into the fundamentals and workings of the LST. The Linfield Supporters Trust was set up in 2013 and is a supporters group committed to providing a voice for Linfield Supporters, wherever they are.

Since its formation, the Trust has worked vigorously to address supporters concerns and works tirelessly to strengthen the bonds between Linfield Supporters and Linfield Football Club.

Our annual membership subscription is only £10 per year and any money raised by the Trust goes directly into Linfield in some capacity. We are a non profit supporters group.

The Linfield Supporters Trust has a good working relationship with the Linfield Ladies FC and thoroughout the year, the Trust would sponsor a number of the reigning premier league champions’ games. Another sponsorship undertaken by the Trust is the Linfield Swifts’ player of the month award and this has been taking place for the past number of years.

Above - Jacky Stewart
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