"Look at Linfield" article by way of tribute to Iain McKee

Posted : 16th December 2013 at 00:43:08

On Friday night I reported the sad loss of Iain McKee - the Secretary of the 1st Glasgow LSC. Before attending his funeral in Glasgow on Thursday, I wanted to track down for his son a copy of "Look at Linfield" in which he was featured in the "Spotlight on our supporters" series and having now done so, I'm pleased to reproduce the article below exactly as it was printed in "Look at Linfield" for the games with Glenavon and Lisburn Distillery on December 17 and 20, 2011.

I had thought we had included a photo of him in his army uniform in Iraq but I recall that at the last minute we changed the photo to a civilian photo.

Please continue to remember Iain's wife Frances and young son Conor in your thoughts and prayers at this sad and difficult time.


Programme article in honour of Iain McKee - a proud Blues Brother

Name - Iain McKee

Home-town - Glasgow

Date of birth - June 2, 1963

Supporters' club (if any) - 1st Glasgow LSC

Where do you sit in Windsor Park - Usually South Stand, but have sat in the North and Kop Stands, as well as standing on the old North and Kop Terracings.

How long have you supported the Blues - 35 years, since the Irish FA Cup Final of 1976.

Can you recall your first match - Cliftonville v Linfield, Irish League, November 1980, a 2-0 'away' win in front of a crowd of around 8,000. Unbelievable atmosphere! Shame there was not a programme issued for it.

Who influenced you most - My "Auld Man"

Did you idolise any particular player (and why) - There were quite a few in the 1970s and 1980s but most likely Peter Rafferty. He was the epitome of a Linfield player.

Who is your current favourite player (and why) - Nowadays I don't go in for favourite players as such. Most tend to come and go quite frequently.

Who is your all-time great (and why) - It has to be David Jeffrey. He was a great player, a true gentleman and now a successful manager.

What other Irish League player from the past do you most admire (and why) - That would be Trevor McMullan who I saw play for Larne and the Irish League representative side. Another great footballer, gentleman and an opponent I would have loved to see play for the Blues more often.

And the present - Likely to be the lad Tipton from Portadown. He's been fairly banging them in so far this season until his recent injury.

What is your favourite away ground and why - Seaview. Always a good atmosphere there.

Most memorable occasion following Linfield - Servette Geneva away in 1985. A brilliant trip. I made some great friends on that adventure. Then we all met up with the team afterwards for (more than) a few beers, except of course for Big Davy Jeffrey who stuck to coke.

If you had unlimited funds, who would you buy - Iniesta from Barcelona. A midfield genius and a hard worker.

Do you support any other team in England or Scotland - Rangers FC.

What was the best Linfield goal you ever saw and by whom - Tony Coly v Glentoran at the Oval, mid 1980s in a 3-0 away win.

What appeals to you most about Linfield - Linfield are part of my heritage. My Grandfather was a Sandy Row man, born and bred (Matilda Street) and it's not something you become, it's something you are.

What appeals to you most about the Irish League - The committment from both players and fans has always stood out, no namby pamby play actors. I stuck on a Clifonville v Linfield match one night in the Welfare Hut in Basrah, Iraq for the guys to watch on BFBS through Sky and everyone was amazed at the tackles (some were near brutality) from both sides going in but there were no histrionics. The players from both teams just brushed themselves down and got on with it. I have always been an advocate though of an All-Ireland League as I firmly believe that recent cross-border tournaments have been successful, in particular the Setanta Cup, which proves the logistics are not insurmountable.

The following tribute has been received on behalf of the 2nd Newtownabbey LSC.

Just a few lines to say how saddened I was to read about the death of Iain McKee. I first met Iain in Geneva where he traveled alone and without anywhere to sleep to watch the Blues play Servette. After we gave him a floor for the night, we became firm friends. There is nothing more I could add to your superb tributes only to pass on my sincere condolences to his wife Frances and son Conor. Please also pass on the thoughts of everyone at the old 1st Glengormley LSC and at the present 2nd Newtownabbey.

Michael Lusty

Forever Blue

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