Spotlight on our supporters programme article - Jim Prentice

Posted : 21st December 2013 at 18:46:17

Name - Jim Prentice (Ginger)

Home town - Lisburn

Supporters Club - 1st Lisburn LSC - My son Nigel is a former 1st Lisburn Chairman.

Where do you sit in Windsor Park - Viewing Lounge

How long have you supported the Blues - More than 70 years

Can you recall your first Game - I cannot remember the first game I saw but I remember with fondness the times Linfield played their matches at Balmoral whilst Windsor was unavailable during the war.

Who influenced you most - No one in particular but back in those days large crowds packed local footbball grounds and for me there was only one team to follow and that was Linfield.

Did you idolise any player and why - Linfield has always been blessed with great players, a few in particular I will name, Davy Cochrane, Bun Hamill, my great friend Tommy Dickson and Jackie Milburn

Who is your current favourite player and why - Michael Gault for his sense of commitment and drive.

Who is your all time great and why - Tommy Dickson because he was such a great footballer.

What other irish league player from the past do you most admire - Bertie Peacock of Coleraine had great speed and ability.

And the present - Kevin Braniff for his vision and craft

What is your favourite away ground - Mourneview Park

Most memorable occasion following Linfield - Clinching the magnificent 7 trophies at Solitude, I also enjoyed my role in organising benefit matches for various Linfield players of yesteryear, I recall bringing the great Leeds over to play in a benefit match for John Parke.

If you had unlimited funds who would you buy - Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, seriously it would have to be Kevin Braniff.

Do you support a team in England or Scotland - Leeds United and Rangeers respectively

What appeals to you most about Linfield - Great club with a fantastic history, also the best fans with whom I have made many friends over the years, particularly those I have made during my many years at 1st Lisburn.

What appeals to you most about the Irish League - Travelling to Windsor Park on Saturdays and visiting the other grounds for games.

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