Memories from Down Under

Posted : 30th June 2008 at 10:58:10

I have been a Blueman for more than 50 years, I immigrated to Australia in 1970 but for years I had the Ulster sent to me to keep up with the news of the blues, until the advent of the computer, now I get all the news on-line.

My memories have mostly been good ones with a few not so good, (the Glens beating us 7 – 1 at Windsor in the late 60’s) I particularly remember the 1961-62 clean sweep of the seven trophies, I had just started my apprenticeship at the shipyard and when the triumphant parade started on the Shankill I was right beside the truck carrying the team.

A photograph appeared in the Belfast Telegraph and there I was right in the front, the photograph was reproduced in the Linfield 100 years Album and Malcolm Brodie kindly sent me a copy. I have attached a copy and there I am right under Ken Gilliland’s right hand.

I remember the test match for the league (we finished level with Portadown) at Solitude. Portadown must have been fed up coming second all year so they imported a couple of Scottish professionals to improve their side but to no avail. nothing was going to stop the wee blues, Jimmy Reid scored 2 and Bobby Braithwaite 1 to win 3-1.

There were many outstanding games I can remember but I loved beating Glentoran, that year a couple of games spring to mind, beating them 7-1 in the final of the North-South cup at Grosvenor and beating them 5-0 in the final of the County Antrim Shield at Solitude.

My favourite player was wee Billy Ferguson who epitomised the never say die attitude of the whole team.

I would like to keep in touch with old bluemen so if you wish you can pass my e-mail address on.

Yours truly,

Benjamin Hill

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