Supporter memories - Ivor Donaldson

Posted : 27th August 2008 at 09:05:26

Re your segment on supporters memories I would like to reply to Alan Spence from Donaghadee on his memories of the famous 5-2 routing of the English league by the part timers of Northern Ireland.

Like you Alan, I started following Linfield in 1950. The first Linfield game I ever saw was the Irish Cup Final of 1950 where we beat Distillery 2-1. This was the start of my lifelong adulation of Tommy Dickson.

I know in truth that the Duke was not in the same league as Maradonna, Best, Cruyff, Matthews, Pele, and many others but NOBODY in football gave me the pleasure that Tommy Dickson did.

Back to the inter-league game. Your memory is letting you down a little Alan. There were actually SIX Linfield players playing that night. They were Russell, Keith, Hamill, Hill, Dickson, and Weatherup. There were Three Glenavon players in Corr, Cush, and Jones. Davis of Crusaders was the left back and George Eastham from Ards playing at inside right made up the eleven. As was the set up back then there was a reserve named although he didn't get to play and for that game it was Newberry from Ards. As a further Linfield link the team manager was Billy McCleery of Linfield.

The scorers of the goals were Dickson 2,Hill, Eastham and Weatherup one each.

I also got immense pleasure from this match as a Linfield supporter.

As I left Ireland in 1961 to migrate to Australia, my favourite Linfield players have to come from the fabulous teams of the fifties. I know I have to leave out some truly great players but it's my selection so I can be as biased as I like.

My team is Russell, Keith, Graham, Walsh, Hamill, Gough, Tommy Thompson, Currie, Milburn, Dickson, Braithwaite.

After all these years it is now wonderful that I can get instant access to address my Linfield fix through the internet. GO BLUES.

Ivor Donaldson, Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.

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