Supporter memories - Andy Darragh

Posted : 29th August 2008 at 07:18:30

Here I've got "the Blues" again. I'm heading over on Monday night for 2 weeks to watch my favourite team for the 2 weeks that I'm there and they go and cancel the Glenavon game, which will now leave me with 3 games to see (hopefully my bro-in-law was able to get the Setanta tickets).I've followed Linfield since the early 50's when my uncle would take me to Windsor as a 5 year old. The best player we ever had (up to 1970 anyway) was Wor Jackie Milburn...a guy who could score from anywhere on the pitch.My personal favourite player was John Parke who had the heart of a lion and gave you everything he had for 90 minutes, game in,game out.The worst game that I recall was a 5-0 (as I remember) thrashing by the Glens in a midweek game around the early 60's. Something in my memory tells me that "Big Sadie" (Thompson) may have had a hat-trick that night. Ugly !!!. Our best game was probably the final game for the league in the 7 Trophy season, the play-off against Portadown at Solitude. The ground was jammed to the timbers but it erupted at the end when we took the League, despite Portadown bringing in a bunch of Scottish players for this one game. We must have stayed around for hours (or it felt like it) after it had finished. Wonderful Memories !!

See you all next week'

Andy Darragh,Georgetown,Ontario (ex Old Lodge Road).

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