Great names nominated in our 125 year Poll

Posted : 2nd July 2009 at 08:57:00

We asked you to nominate your choice as we attempted to compile a Hall of Fame of 125 Great players from 125 Great Linfield Years. One of the best entries so far has come from Alan Spence and his entry is listed below as a means of stimulating further debate on this topic.

"I will start you with some of the older ones from my younger days as a Supporter

1948 Alfie McMichael

1949 Billy Simpson

1953 Jimmy Hill

1954 Jackie Graham

1955 Alex Russell

1956 Tommy Hamill

1957 Tommy (The Duke) Dickson

1958 Wor Jackie Milburn

1959 Ray Gough

1960 Tommy Stewart

1961 Issac Andrews

1962 Bobby Braithwaite

1963 John Parke

1964 Hubert Barr

1965 Willie (Iam) McFaul

1966 Sammy Pavis

1968 Sammy Hatton

1988 George O'Boyle

I think I have got most of the dates correct. All of these players I say many times playing in a Linfield shirt.

There are others I saw and would love to nominate but I am not certain of the dates!!! Such as: Dick Keith; George & Matt Nixon; Bobby Irvine; Billy Wilson; ; Ralph McGuighan; The list goes on.

I doubt if anyone can go back much before the 30s so I would like to suggest the following:

The legendary Joe Bambrick 1927 (81 goals that year!!!)

1911 Elisha Scott

1944 Tommy Breen


Alan Spence

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