More nominations for 125 great players

Posted : 5th July 2009 at 09:12:42

I refer to Alan Spence‘s list of great players and would go along with most of his choices. However, I think some of the years probably need juggled with, in that from memory Hubert Barr only played the one season before being transferred to Coventry City and that was the 1961/62 season. So I would suggest he be swapped seasons with Isaac Andrews. I am surprised Billy Ferguson wasn't included in this list but I would include him in the vacant 1966/67 year when he won an international cap at Windsor Park against the then newly crowned world champions England.

Apart from those minor changes I would go along with that selection from Jackie Milburn on through the sixties.

My now deceased uncle used to recall the great half back line of Sloan, Jones and McCleery. I do not, however, know what years covered their era.

My additions to the list would include Tony Coly in the eighties, along with Peter Rafferty, Martin McGaughey and Peter Dornan. Other notable players from the sixties and early seventies would be Phil Scott, Stanley Gregg, Dougie Wood, Tommy Leishman. Unfortunately, I could not put an exact year on these players.

Yours in Sport

James Watterson

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